We are one of the country's leading creative agencies; our main task is to increase our client sales revenues through marketing efforts. Here, we use a combination of Event, Social Media, and PR campaign to increase your brand clarity, bring your products closer to the customers, and create a strong brand. Our experienced fulltime staff of talented professional provides you the creativity and knowledge that your project deserves.  Instead of being your supplier, you will see that ROMDOUL will always provide you with the most compassionate, personalized customer service in the industry. We want you to look at the ROMDOULs' team as an extension of your team. We pride ourselves in incorporating quality, memory and branding in our delivered services. Each of work is a product of research, innovation and good sense.

­­­­­Contact Person: Name: LONG Daravin  

Contact Detail:

Name: LONG Daravin   

Position: Chief Operating Officer

Tel (855) 96 698 6988                            



Address: #250, St. 642, S/K Chbar Ampov1, Khan Chbar Ampov