- Black Pepper  : Our black pepper is harvested before it fully ripens and turns red. Delivering a strong and delicate aroma, our black pepper has a taste, which can range from intensely spicy to mildly sweet, often revealing hints of eucalyptus, flowers and mint.

- Red Pepper    :Our red pepper is harvested when the fruit is fully mature and has taken a red color on the vine, before it spoils. The peppercorns are sun-dried for a few days and acquire a dark redish-brown color. Known for their fruity after taste our red pepper is second to none.

- White Pepper :Produced from the same plant as black and red pepper, additional processes and methods are involved in producing white pepper.

White pepper differs from Red and Black pepper as the outer husk of the pepper, which adds to the flavor, is removed leaving the inner smooth round core. The taste of white pepper is altered as much of the spice is lost with the removal of the husk – the husk is what gives black pepper its rough black appearance and makes up for a large proportion of black pepper. White pepper, goes better in certain lighter dishes and certain fish, as it is not visible in white sauce.

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